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VEGAN Clothing and Vegan Fashion

Vegan Sexy Fashion Show! Award winning fashion designer John Bartlett curates a daring cruelty-free fashion show by the antifursociety.org that draws raves and features a new pop song, Vegan Sexy, by the amazing Robbyne Kaamil.

Designers featured in the NYC Cruelty Free Fashion show:

Gemma Kahng – www.gemmakahng.com
Pelush – www.pelush.com
Marc Bouwer
Vaute Couture – www.vautecouture.com
Ferox UK – www.feroxclothing.co.uk
Lois Eastlund – loiseastlund.com
Quagga – www.quagga.it
NVK – Daydoll – www.nvkdaydoll.it
Cheng and Fox – maopr.com
Christine Gabriele – www.christinegabrielle.com
Shoes by Rebecca Mink – www.minkshoes.com
John Barlett – Commentator/ Curator/ Designer – www.johnbarlettny.com

MINK--4You can check out our interview with Luxury VEGAN Shoes Designer Rebecca Mink HERE.


Click HERE for our VEGAN sister site SwankyVegan.com


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  1. Those are Mink shoes the the fashion show! My shoe line is 100% vegan and all hand made in Italy.
    Luxe vegan shoes..

    Please tag me too. 🙂

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